Birth Photography

The Birth of Sonny Jay

I first met Lauren and Joel at Papa’s Bagel Bar in the heart of Newcastle, they were keen to find out more about birth photography – and I was only to happy to answer all their questions. My first impression of Lauren was that she was vivacious, strong, and especially excited about the new little person that was being created, and the home that her and Joel were busy planning.

Thankfully, they both had time to squeeze in a bagel with me before their next appointment with the architect – it was lovely to hear about their first born, Max, and how excited he’d be to find out he was going to be a big brother.

Thank you Lauren and Joel, for inviting me into your birth space to document the arrival of little Sonny. Your strength and courage blew me away. Your boys are super blessed to be able to call you Mum and Dad.

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