Birth Photography

Meirah’s Birth

I received a call at exactly 2:00am last Saturday morning with the exciting news that Hetal’s contractions had started. I’d spent the previous day shooting an event and had only just fallen to sleep a short time beforehand. The funny thing was, I was dreaming about being at the hospital with this beautiful couple, telling the midwife in charge that if I had the chance, I would photograph births every single day, for the rest of my life.

I jumped out of bed, dressed, and grabbed my camera gear. I couldn’t fathom how wonderfully this first time mum would brave the next 5 hours of labour, and how unwavering her husband’s love and support was for his wife. Little Meirah was born by caesarian early hours of Sunday morning, and placed into the arms of her adoring parents.

Welcome to the world sweet baby Meirah.

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