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Sophie Lillian | Newborn

Every so often I am blessed and honoured when close friends ask me to capture the most intimate, life changing stages of their life. The responsibility of creating these life long memories, that will be cherished by their families for generations to come, always weighs heavily on my heart.

3 years after discovering a wild passion for Newborn Lifestyle Photography, I’ve discovered that newborn lifestyle photography doesn’t need to be technically correct for the images to be “perfect”. That sometimes, posed or curated images are not as honest or authentic as the ones captured peeking through the door or climbing on the furniture for a better view.

I wasn’t able to capture her grand entrance into this big wide world, so photographing her newborn lifestyle session meant the world to me. Thank you Shaun + Sally for inviting me to capture Sophie’s first moments at home. She is simply adorable, and your love for her is so blinding it brought tears to my eyes. She is one very blessed little girl to have you both as her parents. God bless.

Enjoy x

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