Birth Photography

Megan’s Home Birth

I first met Cassandra at a little cafe in Maitland NSW back in January 2015. She was a professional birth doula and as I was only just starting out in my birth photography journey, I was excited to talk to her about all things birth related! Over a year later, I had the honour of photographing the arrival of Cassandra’s 3rd baby girl, Megan Melody. This was my first home birth, and with the very last rays of sunshine streaming through the windows, one of my most memorable captures to date.

I arrived at Cassandra and Matt’s house to find Cass well into established labour, little Penelope keeping close to support her mum. It wasn’t long before Cass climbed into the birth pool, her lovely doula Gwen and husband Matt supporting and encouraging her all the way. With the assistance of the beautiful midwives from Best Life Birth, sweet baby Megan arrived within minutes and surprised all of us.

The moments after Megan’s birth were simply precious. Watching her mother cry and then laugh with joy, seeing her two sisters meeting her for the first time, seeing her father embrace her in his arms, and her grandmother beyond giddy at her arrival… beautiful, fleeting moments that I’ll treasure forever.

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