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Alfred’s Home Birth

I first met the Davidson family almost exactly 1 year ago through a mutual friend and client. Isabel had contacted me to capture her young family amongst the beautiful chaos of “home”; where she had birthed both her children, Lachlan and Luella. It was the perfect place to start documenting their wonderfully unique and inspiring story for the generations to come.

A few short months later, Isabel contacted me again excited to tell me she was expecting baby number 3, and wanted me to document her home birth. Of course, I was beyond thrilled.

At 4:45am on the 26th July, I received a phone call from an apologetic Isabel who felt terrible for waking me up so early. It was the phone call I had been waiting so long for, and as I launched out of bed and threw my clothes on (back to front, upside down, inside out), I was thanking God that it wasn’t rush hour and the roads would be wide open and empty.

At 6am, I arrived at the Davidson house along with Isabel’s 3 midwives. Her lovingly devoted husband was boiling pots of water for the birth pool and we sat down to platters of cheese, crackers and chocolate! Just a hint of this extraordinary couple’s character.

I watched as this incredible mother laboured quietly, doubting her ability to do what she’d already done twice before. I saw fear in her eyes, but it was quickly replaced with focus, determination, and above all love.

At 7:40am, Alfred Thomas Davidson graced us with his beautiful presence. He was perfect. In every way. It was hard waiting 9 whole months for this delightful little human to arrive. But it was worth every, single second.

Congratulations Isabel + Morgan, it was an absolute honour to join you again and add to the chapters of your life’s documentary. I can’t wait for Alfie’s newborn session so I can squeeze him and smother him in kisses and cuddles.

Angela x

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