What’s included in your birth photography package?

My Birth Photography packages include a pre-birth meeting, approximately 150 professionally edited images (all high resolution images which can be printed as large and as many times as you choose) provided via a private online gallery, a beautiful slideshow of images set to music, as well as a few ‘sneak peek’ images provided within hours of your little one’s birth. It also includes optional add-ons such as prints, canvass art, and albums. Please contact me to enquire about booking prices.

Pre-birth meeting

I think it’s very important for us to meet and get to know each other a bit before hiring me as your birth photographer. I’d love to hear all about what your wishes and desires are for your birth and how I can help capture these moments for you. These laid-back consultation meetings can take place at a local coffee shop or your home where we can sit back, relax and chat freely. Other support people are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Do you offer Doula services?

I have partnered with Newcastle based Birth Doula, Cassandra Simm to offer clients a Birth Photography & Doula Package. You are welcome to book our services as a package, or individually.

When should I call you?

I am on call for you day or night from weeks 38-42. The early stages of labour can last hours and even days, for this reason it’s best to contact me when you have entered “active labour” (around 5cm). It is very important however to keep me up to date with when labour commences, how you are progressing, and when you are leaving for the hospital. I will need enough notice to arrange for childcare while I’m at your birth so the more notice I have, the better.

What if I go into labour prematurely?

If you go into labour earlier than 38 weeks, please call me and I will still do my absolute best to be there. It’s generally not a problem, as long as I have enough notice.

How long will you stay after the birth?

Birth photography isn’t just about capturing your birth, it’s about documenting your little one’s arrival. I will remain with you until an hour or two after your little one has been born to capture those beautiful first moments such as first cuddles, breastfeeding, 1st nappy, weighing and measurements.

Do you use a flash?

While I have an external flash that I bring with me to every birth photography session, I definitely prefer to work with the available light of the room when at all possible! My ultimate goal is to be as unobtrusive to the process of your labor (and to baby) as I can be while still providing you with beautiful images of these moments. Your preferences for lighting and the use of flash during your birth is one of the topics that we will discuss in much greater detail during our consultation meeting.

When will I receive my birth photographs?

Depending on your chosen collection, within 24 hours of your birth you will receive a few watermarked images that may be used on social media to announce your baby’s arrival. Within 3-4 weeks after the birth, your images will be delivered.

What if you miss the birth?

In the very unlikely event that I miss your birth due to circumstances out of my control (ie I was not given proper advance notice or was not called in time, the birth was very quick, the hospital refused me admittance, etc), I will provide an “Arrival” or “Newborn” photography session in your home or at the hospital within 12 – 48 hours of your little one’s birth. These moments are just as precious as birth photography and worthy of capturing.

What if I change my mind?

If at any stage during your labour that you no longer want me to photograph your birth, I will leave the room respectively – however, your birth fee will be non-refundable due to time on call, travel, and childcare costs associated with attending your birth.

What if I require a Cesarean birth?

If you require an unplanned Cesarean birth, I strongly recommend that I follow you into the operating room to photograph those beautiful moments, if at all possible. Ultimately the decision on whether I am allowed to photograph your Cesarean birth is up to the Anaesthesiologist and Obstetrician. Many providers only allow one support person into the operating room during C-sections.  If that is the case and I am not allowed to be with you in the OR, I will hand my camera over to your support person so they may continue capturing photos during baby’s actual birth.

Are you going to use my pictures for marketing?

With permission, I will only use discrete images on Facebook and on my website. Beautiful birth photography images are often what inspire clients to contact me so I encourage all clients to share their journey with others so they can be equally inspired! With permission, I may also use a photo slideshow of your birth set to beautiful music for marketing purposes.  I encourage all potential clients to view my website blog and Facebook page so they can understand what type of images to expect.  I will never use images of a sensitive nature without your express permission of course.  If you decide you don’t want any of your birth photography photos made public, you can simply decline the model release.

Birth Photography Bookings

I am currently only taking 1 birth client a month, so I don’t run the risk of coinciding births. In order to ensure availability, it is best to book early during your second trimester although it is never too late to contact me and inquire about availability. A $350 deposit is required at the time of booking to secure the 4 weeks surrounding your due date, and the remaining amount is payable 2 weeks prior to your delivery due date.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes I do. Gift certificates can be purchased by generous friends, proud grandparents, aunties, or uncles who aren’t sure what gift to give to someone they love. Birth photography gift vouchers also make an incredible gift to give at baby showers.