Birth Photography

Hello Marcus

I’d like you to meet Marcus… his birth story is one that I always want to remember – for so many reasons. His beautiful mum Marnie brought him into the world by VBAC. Her courage and determination to deliver Marcus the way she intended, was an extraordinary testiment to her character and strength. So much so, the phrase “I am woman, hear me roar” came to mind many times during his delivery. It’s days like this that confirm my calling as a birth photographer.

When I first arrived at John Hunter Hospital to meet Marnie and her mum, we headed straight for the cafeteria. Marnie had been labouring quietly all morning, but now, it was time for cake! I knew straight away that this birth was going to be memorable.

Marnie’s husband Glenn was on the other side of the world, but his perfectly timed phone call from the middle of the ocean brought us all to tears. With the support of her lovely midwives Jodean & Kate, we welcomed baby Marcus into the world. Congratulations Marnie & Glenn, it was such an honour to be present at the introduction of your first born son.

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