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Meet the Davidson’s

Isabel contacted me after the birth of her little girl, asking me to photograph her growing family in their home – unposed, raw, and capturing the real moments of her family’s life. I’m so glad she did, because the second she opened her door to greet me, I knew my day was going to be full of fun, colour, and laughter.

The Davidson’s house had a character all of it’s own and I couldn’t take in all the awesomeness that this beautiful family had filled it with. There was so much life in this house, and I just wanted to spend all day photographing their beautiful family in it.

It wasn’t long after introductions had taken place that little “L” was tugging on my finger and leading me into the bedroom he shared with his 6 month old sister. His room was filled with toys, books, matchbox cars and artwork that covered the walls… I could only wish I had grown up in a room like this!

Isabel and Morgan, you are delightful, your home inspirational, and your children… beyond beautiful.

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