Birth PhotographyFor those parents who choose to document their birth in photos and who appreciate the art, beauty & storytelling of birth photography... these images will be their most cherished. The ones they run to rescue from a fire, the ones that survive generations, and the ones that bring tears to their eyes every, single, time.

Portrait PhotographyMy greatest passion as a photographer is being able to tell your story by capturing the ‘real’ moments. Life is such a beautiful gift and photography lets us share and re-live our most precious moments with those we love. Whether it's an engagement, family milestone, family portraits, or just because... I’d love to tell your story.

Newborn PhotographyThere’s something extraordinary about photographing newborns - being able to capture baby’s first moments at home with adoring (sometimes nervous) parents, breast feeding, baths, snuggles with siblings, and the pure chaos and loveliness of welcoming a new family member who will never be this little ever again.