Birth Photography


When I met Lauren & Jordan for the very first time it was at their engagement party, little did I know that 4 years later I would be photographing the arrival of their baby girl. Lauren would have to be one of the funniest young women I have ever met – but this day I could see she was filled with all the nervousness and uncertainty that women who have never experienced childbirth always are. Lauren was scheduled for a caesarean delivery due to several health risks. She was both disappointed and relieved not to have to endure hours of labour (even though we let her pretend). Feeling the support of her close girlfriends (via Facebook Messenger) and with her amazing husband by her side, she put on a brave face – and not long after being wheeled into theatre, baby Alexis Louise arrived healthy and safe to the delight of all who were waiting for her.

Thank you Lauren and Jordan for asking me to document the arrival of little Lexi.

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